Smoked Wards Berry sugar pumpkin with tahini, lemon and garlic 

Turkish Eggplant Salad $11
Native eggplants with heirloom tomatoes

Hummus $9
Chubby Chickpea's signature blend with dragon's tongue beans

Moroccan Carrots $11
Wards Berry Farm carrots with spices and Carlisle honey

Dukkah Beets $11
Wards Berry Farm beets with hazelnut creme


Crispy Duck Breast $27
Served over a cous cous and charred brussel sprouts

Octopus $24
Braised in heirloom tomato sauce with green bean and basmati rice

Goat Lollies $24
Rubbed with baharat and served with curried kale and saffron risotto

Southern Style Yemenite Hot Fried Chicken $17
Perfectly crispy chicken thigh, brined in zhoug and 2x fried. Served with roasted fingerlings and a preserved lemon Israeli cous cous


Brunch (served Sunday 11-2)

Fried Brussels $9.00

Local Brussels, fried and smothered in tahini.

Lamb Belly Hash $11.00

Braised Lamb Belly, Truffle Roasted Garlic, Smoked Potatoes.

Hummus $7.00

The Chubby Chickpea’s signature spread. Served with dragon tongue for dipping.

Traditional Shakshuka $16.00

Fresh tomato sauce with red peppers, poached eggs, labne.

Nduja Shakshuka $21.00

Fresh tomato sauce with melted Nduja, eggplant, poached eggs and goat cheese.

Fried Stuffed Challah French Toast $14.00

Cheryl Ann’s, stuffed with hazelnut honey Labne and warmed prickly pear.

Yemenite Fried Chicken & Waffle $17.00

Chicken Thigh is brined in house zhoug (Ward’s Berry Farm fresh cayenne peppers) dredged in chickpea flour, breaded in chickpea flour and fried twice. Served with waffle and whipped tahini.

Tahini Mousse $11.00

Whipped Tahini Mousse in pooled date syrup with crushed bamba.