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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             July 17th 2013        

​ New Pop-Up Dining ExperienceKitchen Kibitz, Launches in Boston
An interactive dining experience exploring modern takes on Jewish cuisine Boston

Today marks the launch of Kitchen Kibitz, a new participatory dining experience which explores modern Jewish cuisine with rich global influences.  Food lovers will be invited to engage in a whole new kind of cuisine while meeting the chefs and sharing their impressions. This is a radical departure from your bubbe's cooking; rather, this new take on classic dishes elevates old-world recipes with modern techniques, exotic flavors, and local ingredients.  

“We focus on culinary storytelling, evoking memories of family and tradition while introducing new interpretations.  At the end of the night we want people to come away with a multi-sensory experience which has broadened their perceptions about Jewish cuisine,” explained founder, Jeff Gabel.

Kitchen Kibitz plans to appeal to a wide spectrum of the Boston community by welcoming those with an open mind and a healthy appetite. ​Organizers believe that an opportunity exists here to bring together adventurous diners in an intimate group setting to re-imagine and re-energize this culturally iconic genre.

Throughout the year Kitchen Kibitz will host a variety of small gatherings to explore global interpretations of Jewish cuisine with participation by local chefs.  For more information, please contact Jeff at 

Kitchen Kibitz

Our Story

Kitchen Kibitz is a pop up dining experience focused on modern Jewish cuisine. Created out of a shared passion for Jewish food and childhood memories of cooking, Founder, Jeff Gabel teams up to highlight classic flavors of the old world and elevate the techniques with a modern spin.

Each popup dinner is unique with a set theme and pops up at different locations throughout Boston.